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 since 1979





We offer the rental of ski equipment such as carving skis, snowboards, bigfoot (snowblades), snowshoes, bobsleighs, après-ski, ski boots, soft snowboard shoes, helmets, etc.. all for adults and children.

We also sell accessories such as sunglasses, ski masks, caps, gloves, helmet liners, liner gloves, sun creams, etc...


The Verena Ski Rental is the only one located in Monte Verena, a few meters from the ski slopes, below the Verenetta Refuge. The guests  of the refuge will be able to rent the equipment at a discounted price, with approximately 20% discount on the normal price list.

With 5 days of rental the 6th day is FREE for everyone.



Forget about having to carry heavy ski equipment to and from the slopes. With us, you can collect and return your equipment directly on the slopes. You will be able to comfortably wear your boots in a warm and comfortable environment. If you need to make any equipment changes throughout the day, we're just steps away. 



Customers who will rent  they will be able to leave the equipment in storage without additional costs. Our storage service goes beyond simple storage, we include professional drying and disinfection of your boots every evening, to ensure maximum comfort. 



We have been proud to serve ski lovers for over four decades. We have been renting ski equipment since 1979, we have continuously improved and adapted our service to meet the needs of skiers of all generations. 



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